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Hey Guys!

Christmas and New Years is right around the corner and it has been so busy for me and the team. I was very ill for a long period of time all while trying to be a good photographer. It was definitely a challenge and when I came out on the other side of it all it really had me question what I wanted out of photography and life. 


I know. That's some serious talk...but as I have progressed through things I have learned quickly that this isn't a game. Life isn't to be tampered with too much outside of reason and when we do push limits we really need to consider the outcomes. I have the type of personality that is more willing to take risks but with that; it at great costs sometimes. I'm more likely to get hurt, more likely to hurt others, more likely to just be dangerous. In this, I have learned that I need to be cautious. In my cautiousness I stop learning and growing. 

Queue film photography. I now go back to my original point. I wanted more out of my life and my photography. In my cautiousness I have limited what I can do with my work and short short sold myself for too long. There are tonnes of talented people around me that have used film as their photographic medium for a long period of time. The thought of film worried me. I knew that was an indication if I actually could take any good pictures without my fancy $5,000 camera. 

I was out garage sale shopping when I stumbled upon a Canon Elan 7 never used in its original packaging. I could tell it was a more modern camera but had never heard of it before. I picked up the box to find that it was a film camera and out of curiosity I asked how much it was. Expecting $50 or more the man told me it was going to be $20. I knew in that moment I was mean to buy it. Upon later research I found out that the camera used online was selling for $100 or more and that it was the last film camera Canon ever made. 

I kept the camera in the box for several months and then finally went for it. I bought some film at Walgreens on a trip to Denver and started snapping photos very cautiously. I was elated as I took the photos. The Elan 7 has a very similar layout to my 5D Mark III. I started to feel confident. I started to really focus on what I wanted to convey. A simple walk through the city on Sunday, and that's just what I feel I captured. 


I went to Mike's Camera and had the film developed. I met with the developer to pick up the pictures and in casual but nervous conversation I explained that this was my first attempt at film. The woman smiled and said, "Oh really? I think you actually did a wonderful job, especially this being your first time." She pulled up the pictures on the computer and I felt a little tiny slice of accomplishment. I managed to take pictures on a film camera and all of them turned out well. I saw this as a small step in the direction of growth. That excited me. I have since posted the photos to the website for you all. Please feel free to check them out here.

-Much Love, Devin
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