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F A L L + B E S T

Hello everyone!

I have been asked multiple times how I get such lovely fall photos and I wanted to share some tips for those of you at home or learning how to take photos.

T I P + 1

When I first started taking fall photos I was really into oversaturating the images. I didn't think there was a better way to show off the beautiful fall colours. Now that I have learned a lot more, I have changed my approach to still highlight fall colours but set my photos apart. I desaturate the images and increase warmth. I have an example below. 

However tempting it might be to saturate photos greatly in fall, it causes photos to look fake. Although it looks good now, when printed it won't look normal. The warmth of the leaves is still seen in my new technique but with half the saturation. 

T I P + 2

The glow of golden hour in the fall is amazing but can cause focusing and clarity issues with the camera if you try to photograph a subject with direct light behind them. The problem is especially likely if you don't have a second shooter or use lighting equipment. In the example below (even with my advanced equipment) you can see that the focusing in direct light is an issue. My tip is that you use shaded areas with bright golden hour light. 

T I P + 3

The third tip: get a little messy. Utilise the leaves all around you to make the photo come alive. You can play in the leaves, have the photographer throw the leaves, or lay down in them as a backdrop. They are a wonderful way to incorporate life and the feelings of fall into your photos. 

The leaves were thrown right before this beautiful candid.

I hope these tips help and are easy to understand. If you ever need please feel to contact us and ask questions.