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Our Heart.


Too many times people choose photographers for the ease or price point, but we challenge you to choose a photographer that compliments your style Whether that be us or someone else. You photos should feel like you - knowing your style and finding the right photographer is crucial.  There are many things to look for as you sort through your options, and red flags to keep in the back of your mind. If we don't fit, don't choose us because we are in your budget. 


Most photographers fit into a few style groups.  Many do straddle several styles from time to time, however, you will notice each photographer has a dominant direction.  As you plan your photo desires out, your photographer and the kind of images you're looking for will probably start to align with your personal style.  If you're looking for more traditional and  formal portraits, you might want a Portrait photographer.  If you're looking for photos that are far more candid and less directed we would say opt for a Documentary/Lifestyle photographer.  One of  the other types of photographers are called Fine Art Photographers and choose to treat each photo as Fine Art and add-in some creative posing, artistic view points, interesting backdrops, highlighted details, and draw a heavy emphasis on composition and color. Lastly we have boundary pushers who really push the limits by playing with crazy angles, out of  focus frames, and dramatic lighting.  

Regardless of what style the photographer has, the most important part is that you find someone who captures your moments the way you want them to be captured.

Our approach at SCS is influenced by a few different styles, and we hope it shows through in our work. We try to capture less posed and traditional moments with a little dramatic flare from a Fine Art perspective. We don't enjoy cookie cutter photos or plain experiences and we hope you don't either.  We want you to forgot we are there sometimes, and allow us to capture genuine images that resonate the beauty of your surroundings.    We love crisp photos, diffused natural light, lush nature, and adventures that take us far and wide. 


Look at the way we use light, the way we edit photos. Ask yourself if our style will last you forever - does it feel timeless?  Do we elevate the subjects we have captured?  It can be easy to follow the trends (and we have followed many), but like every other field, trends don't always last.  We continue to strive to find the balance between timeless and trendy.  We want your photos to feel authentic and keepable but also artful and wondrous.  We keep colors matted and slightly modify tones to feel more classic, we don't airbrush your skin into porcelain, and we do not do "skinny editing."  If you decide to ugly-cry, we want you to look back at that and remember what brought out that emotion, keeping things truly authentic. 


If you're booking us for a wedding you'll probably spend more time with us as a photographer on your wedding day than with any other one person (including your partner), therefore we suggest you get to know us as the normal people we are, because these things can be pretty intense.  The same goes for simple shoots like headsets or food photography. Good communication is key.  If you think we are your perfect match, please reach to us. We want to get to know you. We can do a Skype call or meet for coffee depending on where you're located.  You don't want a photographer that stands awkwardly around waiting for the next moment to just happen, you want a friend. You want someone who's able to joke around and drink drinks with you.

Getting photos done, no matter the subject can be hectic and stressful - we know. We have photographed countless events, weddings, and subjects. Often (especially with weddings) there are a lot of people and details all being thrown at you at the same time. As your  photographer we should be making things easier, not get in the way.   We will try to be there to help however we possibly can.  If you need someone to get you a glass of champagne or give you a pep talk, we will pour the champagne ourselves and we will grab you by the shoulders, look you in the eye, and give you some good advice. If we need to fake photos because we had to help with something nobody else in the room has done (like cutting a wedding cake) we will put the camera down and cut the cake for you.  We want to dance with you, and laugh at dirty jokes your dad tells, and if everything goes well and we hit it off we want to hang out with you months after we take your photos because we are in the chill zone now.

WE <3 (LOVE)... 

...Outdoor events and scenes, real laughter, candid smiles, adventurers, sunrises and sunsets, the details, emotion, natural light, elopements, unplugged moments, timeless traditions, giving advice, being artistically flexibility, bold colors, cool people, cool places, making mistakes, falling on our butts to get the photos.

WE </3 (DON'T LOVE)...

...Copying exact poses you found on pinterest, heart-shaped shadows, people in our way with iphones, requests for "skinny" editing, meaningless things, stiff poses, uncomfortable families, uncomfortable couples, lack of adventure, selective coloring, people who focus on just us instead of them, studio set-ups, matching outfits (unless it's for the sake of humor..), naked babies in baskets, hands on stomachs (unless we make it work), and lack of grace. 


Let's do this!